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About TAÇ

With over 40 years of experience, TAÇ is the leading entity in Turkey’s home textile sector. The foundations of the TAÇ brand were laid in Babadağ, in the Denizli region, which has traditionally been one of the centers of the home textile industry. With a passion for the art of home decoration in its heart, Zorlu Family merged its products under the TAÇ brand in 1980. These products have enjoyed wide acclaim by consumers with their high quality and wide product variety.

Having focused mainly on the domestic market until 1997, TAÇ then initiated export activities when the Zorluteks Tekstil facilities entered operation. TAÇ is in a position to compete with European brands thanks to its state-of-the-art integrated production facility, the largest of its kind in Europe, and a commitment to the principle of “never compromise on quality”, which takes every tiny detail into account during the production process. TAÇ today is in the leading position not only in the domestic market but also internationally.

The quality standards of the facilities that manufacture TAÇ products have also been also recognized in an array of certificates issued by international institutions. TAÇ is moreover one of the brands to be included within the scope of TURQUALITY, which is the world`s first and only branding program. The company aims to at least double its pace of expansion in international markets thanks to the TURQUALITY studies and supports.

TAÇ, which is today the largest brand of Zorlu Textile Group, includes a broad product mix ranging from curtains to comforters, from bedspreads to towels, and from beds to licensed products. TAÇ accesses consumers from a total of 1,500 sales points through around 500 concept stores and different sales points in Turkey, and from a multitude of locations in the world in almost 30 countries, also including its own concept stores.

TAÇ branded products respond rapidly to the demands of consumers and act as a pioneer of home textile fashion, not only in terms of quality but also in the field of patterns through new collections which are represented twice a year. Addressing a well-diversified range of consumer groups with its extensive product offering, the TAÇ brand creates its collections in cooperation with the international trendsetters by undertaking large scale investment in research & development and design work. Always keeping its finger on the pulse of consumer preferences, TAÇ presents an exhaustive collection including products which reflect the latest trends on one hand and classic products on the other, with products that will maintain a timeless quality and not become out of date.

According to a brand research study conducted in 2009, it was found that TAÇ enjoyed 100% total brand recognition. The principle of “100% customer satisfaction” is key to this success, which was put into practice through a number of different implementations including a policy of good value pricing for the quality offered and easy accessibility through a wide sales network.

Brands can continue their existence as long as they adapt to changes in the world and follow technology. TAÇ meets the requirements of the industry with its technology and products. The products are manufactured using the latest technology while also reflecting traditional Turkish culture. The R&D and P&D teams, which consist of over 100 employees in the factory and marketing departments, constantly create innovative and specific products. This will ensure that the TAÇ brand will continue to present the newest, most modern and highest quality products to its customers at reasonable prices.

TAC Bed Linen Collection

Satin 3D Collection

Digital 3D Printing
Code name: SC
Quality: Saten
%100 Cotton
220 TC

16 images

Tencel Collection

Fabric: %65 Tencel %35 Cotton

11 images

Satin Deluxe Collection

Code name: TSS
Quality: %100 Cotton
300 TC

16 images

Satin Collection

Code name: SC
Quality: Saten
%100 Cotton
220 TC

28 images

Digital Satin Collection

Digital Printing
Code name: SC
Quality: Saten
%100 Cotton
220 TC

11 images

Percale Collection

Code name: ICP
Quality: Percale
%100 Cotton
180 TC

12 images

Ranforce Collection

Code name: RF
Quality: Ranforce
%100 Cotton
142 TC

45 images

Ranforce Young Collection

Code name: RF
Quality: Ranforce
%100 Cotton
142 TC

10 images

Bamboo Collection

Fabric: 52% Cotton / 48 % Bamboo

5 images

Jacquard Collection

11 images

Flanel Collection

5 images

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The products are with 100 % cotton. The sizes are as bellow:

Single size:

1. Quilt cover: 160 x 220
2. Sheet: 180 x 260
3. Pillow case: 50 x 70 (1 pcs)

Double size:

1. Quilt cover: 200 x 220
2. Sheet: 240 x 260
3. Pillow case: 50 x 70 (2 pcs)

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Zorluteks Tekstil Tic. ve San. A.Ş.

Levent 199, Büyükdere Caddesi No:199 34394 Şişli/İstanbul

Çağrı Merkezi : 444 4 822
Faks : (0212) 422 03 31
E-posta : tac@zorlu.com
Kep adresi: zorlutekstil@hs03.kep.tr
Mersis No: 44 24 95 79 83 19 96 00

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