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History of Yeni İnci since 1964.

As Yeni İnci, we have succeeded to become an underwear brand which presents its different and high quality products to its tasteful, conscions and quality hunter custom ers  since 1964. We are a brand known with our customer service and we have achieved this position with hard work of mny years.

In underwear production sector we grow year by year from ve started with 30 metersquare studion in İstanbul to today with 10.000 metersquare fully technology covered building and we produce in international production are and we are in competition with fam ous brands of the World. Yeni İnci became the sector leader in local area by applying efficient sale organisation. Today in European, Asia and Africa continental we export our goods by growing our exports day by day. As a result of being in serious and consistent work since 1964, Yeni İnci became desired quality underware brand byserving different and quality products to delightful,conscious and quality lover custom ers.

In 2006 with the brands of Yeni İnci Y-Girl and Kitaro, Yeni İnci growed own market share.Yeni İnci serving withn Y-Girl to ladies youn and who feels young and with Kitaro to men who wacthes the trend and searches the quality. In 2009, we have opened a new range with our Yeni İnci homewear collection and started manufacturing comfortable pyjam as. Our aim is going on our novelties constantly and freshen you with our innovations.

Our pricipes, to provide bodily integrity, health and quality of male and fem ale body, to preserve nd always to be stand with our custom ers. Our aim is while we arw serving the

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2014 Yeni İnci Euro    قائمة الأسعار

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2012 KİTARO EURO قائمة الأسعار

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2016 külot euro قائمة الأسعار

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المكتب الرئيسي

Ferhatpaşa Caddesi Şehit Naci Çakar Sokak No: 9

Bayrampaşa 341160-01 İSTANBUL/TURKEY

Tel: 0 212 613 83 33-612 67 74 Fax: 0 212 612 68 15


Topçular Mahallesi Tikveşli Çıkmazı Sokak No: 11


Tel: 0 212 674 22 25-26-36 Fax: 0 212 612 65 94

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