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I made three USB sticks with Windows 10 using the Windows Media Creation Tool. All three just net me a screen with the Windows logo in the middle. Step Unfortunately I have been stuck in this window for 5 minutes picture I couldn’t select anything or something. I ONLY SEE THE USB STICK WITH A RED RIMED AVER NIX OTHER. Did you select the correct entry in the boot menu? There should be 2, 1x only the name of the stick and 1x the name of the stick plus the word “UEFI” in front of it.

Select the entry with UEFI. The SSD should be listed under Storage or Hardware in the UEFI. My USB stick shrunk from GB to 32GB after I installed a Windows 10 installation medium on it Media Creation Tool.

How can I undo this? Pissing me off right now. I am grateful for any help! Is this stick already bootable? Are drivers and updates already available? Hey, I wanted to download Windows 10 64 bit via the Media Creation Tool, everything worked out too, but I also made my USB stick bootable but when I go to the BIOS and want to boot from the USB stick, it is not displayed there any tips? I plan to install the W10 on my new computer and got the Media Creation Tool for it, which I installed on an external hard drive because my normal USB stick was not big enough for it.

Now ONLY the data for the W10 boot are on the hard disk. All of my other data is gone. That was over gb. In general, it is now displayed that the hard disk only has 32GB and 4 of them are occupied. Has the hard drive become a USB stick or something? And have all my data been deleted now? How can this all be undone?? My USB stick is already bootable I created it using the Windows Media creation tool I have already formatted my hard drive and I’m currently in cmd. Which command do I have to enter so that the USB stick is booted and I can reinstall Windows?

I have Windows Hello, I wanted to make my USB stick bootable for a new PC via Media Creation Tool, now I get an error message that reads: Problems running this tool, error code: 0xxAA. I have Windows 7 Professional and will soon be upgrading to Windows 10 using the Windows upgrade program But after this installation I want to do a clean installation by creating a bootable USB stick with the Windows Media Creation Tool.

But I find it strange that when I want to choose which Windows 10 version I have, I can only select “Windows 10” or “Windows 10 N”. Images are attached. how can I make the 20gb partition bootable, because windows 10 media creation tool only recognizes 32gb of fat32 right?

the stick is not recognized as bootable when booting when I press f12 the stick does not appear. the 16gb stick works but you can’t partition a gb to 16gb and still boot from it? I’ve built a new PC, all components are correctly displayed in the BIOS, when I try to install Windows 10 now, I’ve played with the Media Creation Tool on a USB stick, the installation always hangs up in the loading screen, what I can do that?

Moin Moin I just wanted to install windows 10 on a usb stick so that I can do a clean installation on my broken pc but on the pc where I want to install windiws on the usb stick it doesn’t work because at the end of the download on the usb stick the error code comes 0x – 0xAA. Hello, I would like to load the Windows 10 Pro 64 bit version onto a USB drive using the Freeware Media Creation Tool.

But I can only select Windows 10 and N for architecture? My OS itself is Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. just download the media creation tool for win 10 from a friend. it currently has win vista and after downloading media creation tool it looks like this:. I would like to download Microsoft Windows 10 using the Media Creation Tool, it should be saved on a USB stick that can be used to boot.

So I open the tool, click on “Create installation medium for another PC”, choose the version, choose install on USB stick. Then it takes a moment for the error message to appear see screen in the appendix. even if I choose it should be created on a CD, I get the error message. I assembled my first PC and just googled how to start Windows on the PC, you somehow have to download such a media creation tool on a USB stick.

I have a USB stick here, but I don’t have a second PC where I can download it. Does anyone have any idea what I can do now? Windows 10 installation hangs? Ask Your Questions And Help Others Find Answers.

Search for:. Video Answer. We will examine all feedback and share trends publicly as we seek the best plans for the new Hastings Park Interpretive Centre. Email JCHPICS gmail. com with questions, further comments, or to be added to the mailing list so that you can receive our updates.

In , during the Second World War, 22, Japanese Canadians were forcibly uprooted, dispossessed, incarcerated and exiled from the west coast.

The forced exile extended until , four years after the end of the war that had been used to support these racist and unjust actions. Some died in the makeshift hospital at Hastings Park because they were denied access to regular hospitals based on ethnicity.

While most were removed from Hastings Park by October and forced further east, over individuals remained in the makeshift hospital until Spring update Powell Street Festival The 46th Annual Powell Street Festival, held July 30 and 31, was a resounding success! Thank-you to everyone who came along to Oppenheimer Park and Paueru Gai on the festival weekend. Whether joining for your first or 46th Powell Street Festival, each of you bring your dedication and enthusiasm and make this festival a success.

Thank you very much for supporting Powell Street Festival through our lottery, and congratulations to our Festival Lottery Winners: Grand Prize! Thank 5th Prize Fun with Friends — Sayuri Katayama, you also to our prize donors: 6th Prize Kathy Shimizu Print — K Yoshida, Vancouver Latin American Film 7th Prize Collection of Books and Magazines — Kunji Ikeda, Festival, Dosanko, Vancouver 8th Prize Dine Out — Lisa Uyeda, International Film Festival, 9th Prize Arsenal Pulp Press Books 1 — Helen Kang, TAKENAKA, NAMI Studio, 10th Prize Showstopper — Erin Nishi, Cadeaux Bakery, Kathy Shimizu, 11th Prize Big Basket of Gift Cards — Aaron Oye, The Bulletin Magazine, Meditating 12th Prize Supreme Foodie — Yoko Lin, Bunny Inc.

Press, Mr. Japanese Curry. developing and maintaining a communication network with multicultural societies in Canada and internationally. the education of the citizens of Canada in the various responsibilities expected in Canadian citizenship.

protecting and promoting the rights and freedoms of all individuals without any discriminatory practices. This role reports directly to the Editor-inChief and Japanese Editor, and works in close collaboration with other members of the team.

The intern graphic designer must be organized and able to liaise with monthly contributors, advertisers, media inquiries, and community contributors. The successful candidate must be able to communicate in Japanese, be selfmotivated, highly organized, be very communicative, and work with a sense of urgency and timeliness.

Proficiency in InDesign, Photoshop, Gmail, Google Drive and other file sharing platforms is required. Experiences in writing articles, and managing social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and WordPress is also an asset. Hours of work: ongoing contract with higher workload closer to the press date every month.

We encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds, including Indigenous, Black, and People of Colour applicants IBPoC , all genders, nationalities, and persons with disabilities. To apply, please send your cover letter, resume, and portfolio link if available to Kao at editor.

com with the subject line: INTERN GRAPHIC DESIGNER. The Greater Vancouver JCCA and The Bulletin gratefully acknowledge generous donations received during July, If we have missed your name, please contact us and we will correct it in the next issue. Having found a miraculous parking spot at Princess and Cordova, Amy and I headed to Oppenheimer Park last Sunday afternoon. Truthfully, it felt strange to walk this familiar route once again, the uncertainty wrought by the pandemic still ever-present.

Things were apparently running behind — perfect! Both championship matches were close and thrilling, the bags of rice from Fujiya were handed out to the winners and runners up, and just like that, we were back at the Powell Street Festival, live and in person for the first time since COVID caused a huge pivot to, well, everything.

The night before, I had played a set at the Firehall Theatre with my old band, Kokuho Rose Prohibited. Taiko was a way to access our Asian roots continued on page Vancouver Buddhist Temple Jackson Avenue, Vancouver, BC Telephone: www.

com Rev. Tatsuya Aoki, minister. Managing Editor john bigwavedesign. net Japanese Editors editor. com Advertising Manager annejew telus. net JCCA CONTACT: Tel: com gvjcca. In-person service at the temple RSVP only. Also available via ZOOM See signup form at temple website to receive Zoom link Temple updates are found on our website.

Thank you members! The GVJCCA Board of Directors are elected for one year terms. There are, of course, positives and negatives to having one year terms.

Speaking for myself, I approached every event as if it were my last. This outlook kept me focused and in the moment. Many, many, many thanks to the current Board: April, Judy, Liz, May, Nikki, Peter, Ron and Wendy — your tireless efforts, your laughter, your dedication, your passion, your insights, your thoughtfulness, your smiles.

Thank you to Mitsuyo for your teachings, your diligence in keeping us going and functioning amid a myriad of procedural changes. Kazuho, Kao and Akiko for making my job easier as I had complete faith and.

trust in you with the Geppo. And John Endo Greenaway — your years of commitment to the Japanese Canadian community is unmatched, your flexibility, your patience and your ability to produce such a high quality Bulletin every month is inspiring!

I am in awe. By the time you read this, the Powell Street Festival will have come and gone. I hope you were able to get out and enjoy the kinship, the marketplace, the demonstrations, the amazing music and the FOOD! Is it too soon to be looking forward to PSF ?

Japanese Canadian Heritage Cooking Classes has booked the Vancouver Japanese Language School and Japanese Hall for our next event! Saturday, August 13, from noon – pm, Alexander Street. Meet some great people, learn some new techniques, try some new recipes and eat a delicious meal. continued on page membership up to date?

check mailing label on back cover for expiry date! eTransfers now accepted for payment! ca or call ext. Mark your calendar for September 17, , meeting will start at 1pm and end at 3pm. Looking forward to seeing you! Please consider nominating someone or joining our Board yourself.

See the notice on page 7 of this issue for information about director qualifications. Thank you for reading this far and for your support! Editorial continued through traditionally-based music that was empowering and, in , unique in Canada. The direct connection between Kokuho Rose Prohibited and Katari Taiko is one I will always hold close to my heart. Both groups are inextricably bound up with the Powell Street Festival itself.

We were inspired by a performance of the San Jose Taiko Group at the Festival and in turn went on to inspire and nurture groups across the country. Here in Metro Vancouver, a new generation of players are picking up the bachi, finding their own sound and making their own connections. August 26, am — pm, the bus will also stop at Nikkei Place. Suite W Broadway Vancouver, BC V6H 3X8 Tel: Fax: www. Tel: Fax: www. net oakwest telus. net Specializing in sales and management of residential, investment and vacation properties.

With the heat of the day finally dissipating, we left the park and headed to the Pink Pearl for dinner with some old friends from the early Katari Taiko days. net sho oakwest. net toshiko oakwest. net yori oakwest. Thank you to the Powell Street Festival for keeping community alive and thriving through deep and meaningful connections.

With over 35 years of experience, we recognize the distinct needs of each client and work to satisfy the objectives of each Property Owner. by Lorene Oikawa Columbia, and in farms in Manitoba and Alberta.

Festivals and in-person gatherings have filled our calendars. With each event, it has been a wonderful opportunity to provide information and share stories about Japanese Canadians. I kept hearing people say that they never knew about the history of Japanese Canadians in Surrey.

Neither did I when I was growing up in Surrey. Our heritage is invisible because of the forced uprooting of Japanese Canadians and the omission of our history in our communities.

They helped pay for the Strawberry Hill Community Hall and developed a major road. This information was provided in one of the panels I had at the Pavilion and was previously in an exhibit at the Museum of Surrey. I worked with the curator at the Museum of Surrey to obtain stories and a special side exhibit was developed and launched and shown along with the Broken Promises exhibit that was at the museum and is now at the Royal BC Museum in Victoria.

Part of the special Surrey exhibit was a reproduction of a letter and photo and copies of some letters from the Joan Gillis fonds acquired by UBC in The fonds contains letters and 10 photographs sent to Joan Gillis by a group of Japanese Canadian friends who were also students at Queen Elizabeth Secondary School in Surrey before they and their families were forcibly uprooted in This is a major initiative to preserve and protect valuable documentary works of historical significance which reflect the diversity of Canada.

Many were Japanese Canadians who said their family did not talk about it. On September 1, , the population at Hastings Park was 3, By September 30, , Hastings Park Assembly Centre was officially closed. The Hastings Park hospital remained open with people who remained there until March when the hospital was closed, and the patients and staff were sent to a new Sanatorium in New Denver.

There are four signs at Hastings Park that tell part of the stories in the words of the survivors. Some of the Japanese Canadian community members who worked on the signage including Dan Tokawa and myself have taken on roles in the new Japanese Canadian Hastings Park Interpretive Centre Society. We are working on the next phase of the project which is an interpretive centre at Hastings Park. We would like feedback from the Japanese Canadian community.

Please consider answering the survey at continued on page Exhibit TAIKEN: Japanese Canadians Since Nikkei Centre Visitors to the upper level of Nikkei Centre have the chance to engage in the fascinating history of Japanese Canadians. Learn about the first arrivals in , the hardships of the early pioneers, the struggles of the war years, and the need to rebuild homes and businesses in the s.

Listen to the voices of many generations tell their story! Location: 42 W. All Nikkei Centre Events at Southoaks Crescent, Burnaby, BC phone: org I www. ca or call Gather with friends and family at the market this summer and enjoy the seasonal beauty in our Japanese garden.

Saturday, August 20, Asahi Tribute Game in Oppenheimer Park The Annual Vancouver Asahi Tribute Game is a free, inclusive, and family-friendly place to play ball, eat hot dogs and corn, and come together for some summer fun! No previous baseball experience required! Details: powellstreetfestival. com Historic Powell Street Walking Tours Tours are offered every Thursday and Saturday from June through August. Join us for a walk in groups of 4 to 8 through a historic neighbourhood which was once home to a vibrant Japanese Canadian community!

After two years of scaling down the event, Nikkei Matsuri returns for its 10th year with an expanded site, more food, new offerings and the return of festival favourites! Follow on the NNMCC social media channels or visit nikkeimatsuri. ca for updates! com sales midwaymazda. com King George Blvd Surrey 32 Ave Diversion Surrey www. com www. September 22 to Waterfront Theatre Performances Workshops and Masterclasses throughout the Festival Vancouver venues include Norman Rothstein Theatre, Waterfront Theatre, Picnic Pavilion Stage on Granville Island.

VIFF promises to deliver innovative and dynamic programs and we celebrate the opportunity to once again bring international artists to our community. NORMAN ROTHSTEIN THEATRE Mucha Muchacha Spain September 16, 8pm Yurie Kaneko Flamenco Rosario.

We find it terrifying because our parents are meant to be eternal. I have to be careful here because if Dad sees this he will get annoyed. Makes no sense. Mexican Style Barbecue Grilled Flank Steak with Chimichurri Sauce 3 pounds of steak such as flank steak, tri-tip, or sirloin.

You know, birthday conversation. Let rest, covered with foil dignity and some agency. I think there is a difference between being for 10 minutes. Slice thinly at an angle and serve with bused to Hastings Park and then trained to some remote location, who the chimichurri sauce. Still Chimichurri sauce traumatic, but less so?

of themselves when they were babies. This is because all the cameras Blend together until smooth, serve with the sliced were confiscated. Of course! But it had never occurred to me that an steak. entire generation had no baby pictures. That strikes me as so sad, but according to mom they had other things to worry about.

So Japanese, ne. This is a long-winded way of saying that even when you turn 53 and you think you know everything, your parents can still surprise you. Mom has produced more surprises in the way of a mini celebration of Mexican food, with a killer chimichurri sauce and a black bean salad and what.

Check it out: flour tortilla that has been warmed briefly on the grill. use Peak Frean Sables, just process until fine or crush in plastic bag 4 ears of corn, cut off the cob about cups 5 tablespoons melted butter. Bake at F for 10 minutes.

Lower Saute the corn in 2 tablespoons of olive oil with the oven temperature to F. finely chopped jalapeno, over moderate heat until the Filling: corn is cooked, about minutes.

Add to the cooled macaroni and corn, mix to combine. Mix the cream cheese with the other ingredients well using electric mixer or food processor. Pour into the cooled crust Bake at F for 1 hour. Turn off the oven and let stand for 20 minutes. Remove, cool to room temperature, then chill 4 hours or overnight.

Crumble 2 ounces of Feta cheese, sprinkle on top Combine the eggs, sugar, cream, lemon rind and juice in a saucepan and of salad, top with either chopped green onions or stir and cook over low heat for 6 minutes, stirring constantly. Cook until thickened.

Do not let it boil. Stir in the butter until melted. Then strain cilantro. through a fine strainer. Chill, covered, for several hours.

To assemble, remove the cooled cheesecake from the pan, place on a serving plate, Black Bean Salad with Tomatoes and Corn spread the cold curd evenly over the top. Chill until serving time. This recipe, unlike most recipes for lemon curd, uses whole cobs or frozen corn, cooked. The downside is that this curd may have Jalapenos pepper, rib and seeds removed and a few white bits in the cooked curd which is OK but the straining step finely chopped is needed so the curd is nice and smooth.

Stir and taste, add extra seasoning as needed. All proceeds support programs, exhibits, education and more, including facility maintenance of our twenty year old museum and cultural centre. Entrance Gates: access Nikkei Matsuri with a weekend pass through 3 entrances: Main off Southoaks Crescent , Magnolia Path East between BC Hydro and Central next to Suzuya.

また建物南側、ベレスフォード・アベニュー沿いの芝生 エリアに新しくフードトラックプラザがオープン。この 入場料のいらないエリアにはピクニックテーブルが置か れ、Telusによるアクティビティーも行われます。. No admission fee – come enjoy the relaxed atmosphere without the need to purchase a weekend pass. Louise Akuzawa, Organizing Committee Chair ルイーズ阿久沢 日系祭り実行委員長 Karah Goshinmon Foster, Executive Director ケーラ・後新門(ごしんもん)フォスター 日系文化センター・博物館事務局長.

Event Admission 入場料 Paid admission is required for Adults years old. Your ticket gives you access throughout Nikkei Garden and in the building for both Saturday, September 3 and Sunday, September 4. Show Saturday receipt to enter on Sunday. Purchase online is recommended: www. ca via EventBrite or scan the above QR code with your smartphone.

EARLY BIRD WEEKEND PASS. 入場料は18歳から64歳が対象です。前売りチケットは8ドルで、8月1日から28日までオンライ ンか日系センター受付にて販売。入場口での当日券は10ドルです。入場券は9月3日と9月4日両 日有効。日曜日の入場には土曜日のチケットをお見せください。 日系センター会員(会員証提示のこと)、17歳以下、65歳以上のシニアは無料です。.

Eventbrite fee is non-refundable. 日系祭り開催中は地下駐車場は10ドル。スペースに限りがあります。 NO STROLLERS OR PETS INDOORS – designated stroller drop off available. Join Us as a Volunteer! We need helpers to make Nikkei Matsuri a success! Be part of the festivities as a volunteer – help your community, participate with friends, or make some new ones!

Learn more: Volunteer Coordinator: volunteer nikkeiplace. org Sign up online: www. Indoor Activities Shiatsu massage, workshops, yukata summer kimono rental, exhibits, booksale. Alcoholic beverages can be carried throughout the Nikkei Garden.

CHOYA UMESHU Choya is the biggest producer of Umeshu plum wine in the world. BC州日本酒協会 地酒ジャパン、アクシスプランニ ング、PureSake 4Uの3社が参加 チョーヤ 梅酒の製造販売大手チョーヤ。 海外でも人気の梅酒 スタジオブリューイング バーナビーを拠点とする クラフトビール sponsored by.

WAKWAK BURGER TAKENAKA Teriyaki Burger, Okonomi Burger, Authentic Japanese food Chicken Cutlet Burger, Fried Potato. Food, Desserts, Drinks in the Performance Hall Japanese baked goods, snacks and soda, artisan chocolate, manju, ice cream, organic tea, and vegan sushi. NNMCC AUXILIARY COCONAMA CHOCOLATE NEKO FRESH KANADELL JAPANESE BAKERY SUNGIVEN FOODS. Full performance schedule at www. Shorinji Kenpo Vancouver Shomonkai Aikido Shito-Ryuseiko-Kai Karate Canada Ishikawa Family Judo Club Seitei Iaido Renbu Kendo Dojo.

Mai Akimoto is a professionally trained entertainment artist hailing from Sapporo, Hokkaido, showcasing the traditional Japanese music of the shamisen. Richard Ogawa is a classically trained pianist, and musical theatre performer. Enjoy the new collaboration! 日本舞踊とピアノ、三味線のコラボ ミュージカル・シアターの役者さん、リチャード・オガワ さんによるピアノ演奏と踊り、また日本の三味線奏者、 秋元麻依さんによる三味線と踊り。さつき会による日本 舞踊のコラボレーションをお楽しみください。. Japanese inspired apparel, fabrics, vintage garments, accessories, and 2nd hand treasures.

AUXILIARY OTAKARA FLEA MARKET MYSGREEN PAC WEST KIMONO SASAKI ART SIAMURAI APPAREL SHINO JAPANESE FABRIC CREATIONS. 日系祭りへのご支援に感謝いたします。 The Lantern Wall honours the generous support of our sponsors and donors. Check out the new display at Nikkei Centre! Festival Partners. NAJC continued bit. com on the dispossession of Japanese Canadians. We had the opportunity if you have any questions or want to be added to a to see one of the outputs, the Broken Promises exhibit at the Royal BC mailing list for updates.

Museum which some people were seeing for the first time. I had seen it The NAJC received an invitation from our friend Setsuko at the Museum of Surrey which had the capacity to host the full exhibit Thurlow, an international disarmament advocate and and not the smaller travelling exhibit.

We also got to meet at the new a survivor of the Hiroshima bombing who accepted Esquimalt Gorge Pavilion which is near the Gorge waterway and the the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of the International expanded Japanese garden, the site of a former Japanese tea house and Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons ICAN to garden which is the oldest in Canada. The Victoria Nikkei Cultural Eastern time.

More info at www. The facility and their work was critical to having the pavilion built. The pavilion the commitment for public awareness of the danger is a community gathering place and the design pays tribute to the tea of nuclear weapons and advocating for their total house and surrounding Japanese garden. The VNCS will be holding their Japanese Cultural Fair in person after two years in the new Esquimalt abolition, for peace.

Gorge Park Pavilion on August My vision remains the same, we must continue to push forward and make our stories visible in our communities not just for Japanese Canadians, un. committee, I was happy to meet up with some of the former members of the different clusters, community On behalf of the National Executive Board, we thank all the volunteers.

council and other members of the steering committee Thank you for all the work you do to preserve our Japanese Canadian in person in Victoria. We had our finale meeting to history, arts, and culture.

We hope you are able to have some time to reflect on this seven-year major national research refresh and catch up with family and loved ones. Keep safe and well and knowledge mobilization partnership that focused during the rest of the summer. Office hours: Weekdays am — 5pm. Closed weekends. phone: com since He offers a short story in place of his regular column.

He will return. Being Japanese in east end Toronto of the s was a mixed blessing. Barely middle class, my family had escaped the squalor of the Spadina-Dundas Japanese section of downtown shortly after the war, but I personally had to suffer the racist taunts that all children with my face suffered at the hands of the parent-coached ignorant.

The last day of school in , I gingerly stepped among the vines, garbage and undergrowth of the ravine leading away from my public school. In the clearing in the middle, I was confronted by two girls, one blonde, one brunette, both with backwards swastikas on their arms, malice in their eyes. They seemed familiar as if I had seen them at assembly or at recess but at a distance. Without a word, they jumped me and started pummelling my body. Legs, fists and long hair flying everywhere but I resisted fighting back.

Wally and the Beaver never lowered themselves to hit girls, and so, as a consequence, they soon beat me to the ground. On the other hand, I did discover, amidst the intolerance of the times, a refuge, a haven, because of my face. A cheerleader, who was Japanese Canadian, at my high school encouraged me to join her newly formed youth group at the Toronto Buddhist Church.

Linda was pretty with long curls, shapely thighs, and a wide smile with gleaming white teeth showing. So I became a Buddhist. The downtown church, built with the modern architectural ideas of the s, was established for and by Japanese Canadians who were willing to forget the past and look to the future.

His family represented the last vestige of the Japanese-Canadian community which arose in the neighbourhood surrounding the intersection of Spadina and Dundas during the post-war resettlement.

His father, a well-groomed man with an air of sadness about him, ran a decaying corner store in the middle of what had become Chinatown. The Sullivan Street News Stand and Confectionery with large storefront windows filled with candy, bread and cheap toys sold Coca Cola in dwarfed green bottles, Orange Crush in tall brown bottles and a.

rainbow of popsicles mostly to Chinese kids. As the only son, Al was given all the benefits of a dual-income family in a single-income era. Every week for his allowance, he received the princely sum of ten dollars! Like the rest of us peasants, I had to earn any spending money at a part time job. His weekly windfall inspired in him a taste for fashion, restaurants and good times. His thin build, wavy hair and natural good looks made him popular with the girls.

Add to that his access to the family car and his sense for the romantic and he was irresistible. In our final year of high school, Al decided he needed a steady girlfriend and so chose Pamela Mah. No one knew why. He claimed he needed someone to take to the graduation prom but I guessed that he liked the challenge. Pam or Ping was a typical Chinatown girl, short with long hair, shapely legs and a fierce Chinese mother. Mah did not like the fact that a Japanese boy was trying to date her oldest daughter.

Al often had me call her so that I could determine whether the coast was clear. I always used a false Chinese name and fake accent if Mrs.

Mah answered. So sorry. Wrong numba. The continued on page The Toronto NAJC is the Symposium Host and Funder and is working in partnership with the NAJC Human Rights Committee to develop the Symposium programming. You do not have to be a member to attend but capacity is limited to attendees for this in-person event. Most sessions will not be recorded.

Currently, we have 40 reservations, so do not delay. Register or reserve today. Programming will focus on aspects of human rights within and beyond our community. Strategies will be developed for building solidarities with other communities and concrete actions to effect change. Conference fees includes Sunday admission to the Royal Ontario Museum where the exhibit Being Legendary curated by Cree artist Kent Monkman will have recently opened.

Through the power of storytelling, Miss Chief Eagle Testickle reframes the forced interruptions of the colonial project on Turtle Island and honours leaders in the community who shine a light forward for future generations.

ROM website INFO: torontonajc gmail. com or symposium torontonajc. ca Symposium Executive Lead and Co-Chair: Lynn Deutscher Kobayashi, Toronto NAJC President Symposium Co-Chair: Kristen Kiyomi Perry, NAJC Human Rights Committee.

Community Update Alexander Street, Vancouver, BC, V6A 1C6 Tel: My scholarship focusing on Japanese language education and queer identities received the Dean of Education Scholarship from UBC. In the last two years, I was privileged to have the opportunities to share my ideas with many people at several conferences.

All current and former students are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible to reserve their spot. We look forward to offering another fun-filled year with in-person lessons, activities, and extracurriculars and would like to encourage everyone to register early so that they can confirm their spot in their class.

Registration for all Heritage, Fundamental, Adult, and High school classes can be done on our website at www. The first day of classes, and our entrance ceremony, will be on September 10, If you have any questions about what will be offered next year, or what course may be right for you or your child, please contact info vjls-jh. com for more information.

teaching-learning and identity. This reflects the needs and responds to the diversity within Canadian society. Two questions that guided my exploration were 1 what pedagogical practices opened up opportunities for gender identity construction and advance Japanese language learning and 2 how the space where those practices emerged can be conceptualized pedagogically.

I am grateful for the support for my research project from VJLS. Also, I appreciate the initiatives for equity, inclusion, and diversity Darius has undertaken. As a member of VJLS and an academic researcher, I hope to use my knowledge to further promote equity, inclusion, and diversity in Japanese language classrooms at VJLS.

I was selected to present my work at the Canadian Association of Japanese Language Education CAJLE Annual Conference in August of Hope to see many of you there! Thank you to everyone who stopped by our food tent and information booth to connect with us. We also want to extend a sincere thank you to all of the volunteers who spent their weekend with us and helped make everything such a success and a wonderful experience. We are especially grateful to the experienced volunteers who welcomed our newest ones to the event and shared their wisdom and experience with us as we planned and organized this event.

Volunteer with VJLS-JH We are always looking for additional volunteers to help us with food and cultural events, our Saturday classes, our library, and more. For more information on how to get involved please see our volunteer page at www. VJLS-JH is looking for bilingual Early Childhood Educators for our culturally enriched Japanese Preschool program in September.

The Japanese-Canadian Survivors Social Club is planning two bus trips to the Sunshine Valley Tashme Museum.

Transportation and bento lunch are free for the survivors of the internment. Family and friends welcome — please inquire about the fee. generously funded by the Emergency Preparation and Response Funding from the United Way British Columbia. TG COOLING STATION Fridays in August and during heat waves 9am — 4pm.

TASHME BUS TRIPS August Bus Trip to Tashme 1 Few seats left! September Bus trip to Tashme 2 For registration and inquiries, email Yuko at socialclub tonarigumi.

TONARI GUMI GARDEN CLUB AT NIKKEI GARDEN FARMERS MARKET Check out fresh, locally grown produce, deliciously prepared food and uniquely crafted items by local makers at the Nikkei Garden Farmers Market. Tonari Gumi Garden Club will also be there selling vegetables, crafts and TG cookbooks! opportunities for social contact, camaraderie and Nikkei Centre Southoaks Crescent, Burnaby connection for those who were affected by the internment during World War II and other seniors.

WALKERS FOR THE COMMUNITY Various gatherings will take place throughout , Tonari Gumi is grateful to have received a number of walkers from Ms. and is funded by the Japanese Canadian Survivors Yang via the Richmond Emanuel Church.

We are making them available Health and Wellness Fund. Check out the Bulletin and for rent to anyone in need.



Photoshop でのハイダイナミックレンジ(HDR)画像

Adobe Muse CC では、1 つのエレメントのスタイル属性を右 以前のバージョンで作成された.muse ファイルを Adobe Muse CC で開く Adobe Photoshop で、ハイダイナミックレンジ(HDR)画像を使用する方法について学習します。これらの画像は、視覚的な世界の全ダイナミック


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