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Top 15 Space Games Like Freelancer (Games Better Than Freelancer In Their Own Way) | GAMERS DECIDE

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The game have to be working on pc. And the game must have 2 POVs one for the driver and one for the walker. The game could be copied from another game and do some modifications no problem. We have to add some branding in the game environment. Skills: Unity 3D, Game Development, Game Design. Feb 12,  · Freelancer Remastered. Freelancer was a great game on PC back in the day, who’d love to see Microsoft Game Studios make a reboot of this game, similar to what they did with Gears of War on the Microsoft Store. Freelancer Remastered with multiplayer, possibly even Cross-Platform Multiplayer. This would be a great idea don’t you think? Cari pekerjaan yang berkaitan dengan Freelancer pc game ships atau upah di pasaran bebas terbesar di dunia dengan pekerjaan 21 m +. Ia percuma untuk .


Freelancer 2 pc game


Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. X Rebirth Store Page. Global Achievements. This topic has been locked. Been playing for quite a few hours now and no matter how I look at it, this games completely feels like the sequel to Freelancer which was a great game by the way , much more than it feels like a new X game.

Imagine this game without the X universe branding, similarities – The highways are similar to what can be found in Freelancer – Docking at stations to get missions, buy goods, etc.. Now I’m not complaigning, I’ve been asking for Freelancer 2 for years now and looks like we’ve finally got it Showing 1 – 11 of 11 comments. Simon View Profile View Posts.

Freelancer rocks! Lets hope that freelancer 2 will rock too Kulin View Profile View Posts. This is not Freelancer 2. Ist Freelancer -1 at the best. Just sell the Taranis after you’ve delivered the Food hours in the campaign , buy all that exists, game over.

But why should you build an empire to earn money if you can’t buy anything from this money. The only thing you get from more transporters is annoyance since you have to tell every transporter manually – again and again – what he has to buy and sell.

The concept is really interesting and this could have been a wonderful game. Shame on whoever decided to cancel it… even if they had their good reasons. If Microsoft sees a big enough interest from fans they will have no choice but to finish the project. I dont have much faith in petitions, if you remember the ones from Starmen. I only just found out that they cancelled a sequel after thinking it would be cool if they made one.

I was played freelancer with interes bcs the subject was something new and verry diferent from what i played before: and i liked alot. Its a real shame…. And i was so looking foward to it too. Freelancer is the best game i ever played and it would be a real disappointment to all of its fans which im sure are many, if a sequel is not made for it. Pls pls pls make a freelancer 2……. Really Shame. Fantastic game and nice story! Best space game ever. I bought Freelancer in it was amaizing and still is!

I still play Discovery mod online. I have been playing the game since it went on the shelves and still buy and share copies wherever I find them. Microsoft Corp. In fact the publicity for the game and advertisement was done terribly. The game has a massive cult following, and Microsoft is too stupid to understand the animal they have created. The closing of Digital Anvil was incredibly unwise. The first Game was excellent!

To upgrade your ship, the exciting missions, and the difficulty good, a bit raising with the missions. Stop thinking about money microsoft, just make freelancer 2, do us a favor. Maybe they canceled it because they wanted to wait until a new DirectX would be made to benefit form better graphics?

Or next generation gaming consoles? I dunno. Maybe I will gather up some friends and we can write the sequel one day. Like maybe just 5 years of programming? I hope they will make it soon. I found out about the game through one of the games soundtrack creators, Andrew Sega.

He was one of those who made the soundtrack for Unreal Tournament. So, Dark Anvil, Microsoft or anyone from the orginal project crew, please act on my words and release something. So please respond. I now have a and I have been waiting patiently for a sequel for years. It is one of the most interesting and fun games I have ever played. If there is some way we could get hold of a microsoft employee in the design department to speak to them about continuing to make the game for the Foolish to cancel that.

Just foolish!! I still have the first Freelancer installed on my PC and i play it from time to time. Unfortunately ME does not let us have intense combat in space with ships or any form of trading. I really hope that they reconsider and release Freelancer 2. I definately agree. The story had a good little spin on it; and with the last statement made definately sounded like a sequel was going to be in the works.

Bummer that it was originally intended for X, though. There are other space trading games out there with storylines, one of the notable ones being a game called Elite and Elite II. Now those were revolutionary — Freelancer is like a modern update to the Elite series. Thats a shame most of us military really get into it over here i was showing some of the joes freelancer and they bought the original starlancer and freelancer on ebay cause they thought it was amazing i hope u all reconsider halo great and so is the COD but its time for something new a flying game that even people who aint in to sims like but u all make the millions we just make u rich with ideals.

I have freelancer on my computer right now, and i just beat it… btw, does anyone know where to get mods for it? Shame… It was a great phun playing FL. There are not so many things that make ppl like you, and FL2 was one of them. Brometheus 3 points. I would recommend the Discovery mod as well. It add a ton of new ships including capitals. ThePlagueDoctor 1 point. I also went and got IonCross single player file manager put in place and went through a lot of trouble getting that up and going.

Keep in mind that I’m running a home built computer which is running Windows However, as long as you know what you are doing, you will have everything up and working. And I am quite happy to say, I got what I wanted except for the multiplayer up and working due to that thing that Microsoft did.

I have tried the work-around bit but no dice. I’m thinking that after work or when I have more time, I’m going to be trying it again. Oldboy 2 points. Zerix 3 points. I missed this game, it is one of my favorites! Thanks you so much for providing this service! There is one android game like this but its small. Galactic Phantasy. Worth the play.

Guenni7 -1 point. To get the game running smoothly on newer machines especially Win10 you best go to the SWAT-portal and download crossfire MOD, install it and most problems are gone.

If you still have problems, ask in the SWAT forum, there’s always someone online to help you. Vulk 2 points. There is still a active modding community, we chose to stay slightly more true to the vanilla lore as opposed to Crossfire’s “More Stuff”. Sahid 3 points. Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you’d like. If you have trouble to run Freelancer Windows , read the abandonware guide first!

Armoredmp 2 points. Thunderf00t -1 point. Baggerton -3 points. I’ve installed as per instructions and enabled Direct Play. Click on icon – do you want this to make changes – yes- nothing happens after that. Please help I love this game! Gees 2 points. ThePlagueDoctor -4 points. This game could definitely use a bit of a revamp.

Micropoint 4 points. Crossfire mod 2. StoneY 0 point. Loved this game, was my 3rd and probably my most beloved online game. Graphics were out of this world for the time, as was the physics. Ahh Microsoft why did thou close thy gaming studio’s, and servers? I miss Combat Flight Simulator one and 2, and Freelancer. Yay for abandonware! Professor Peregine 3 points. Thumper 2 points.

Runs on Windows 10 64bit: Install with Administrator rights, install patch for ver 1. RSC 0 point. XellsiOr 0 point. Wonkavicious -1 point. Guy2 0 point. Heros5k 0 point. My game worked before, uninstalled it and reinstalled it again. Now it crashes after the intro. My Freelancer Crashes upon starting the. Also, the install instructions are very poor.

Heros5k -6 points. Jman 1 point. Man it has been years since I have played this game. I can’t wait till it finishes downloading! Nahadoth 0 point. I’ve been telling my wife about this game recently and over the years. I am so happy to have finally found it. I hope to get her into as well. It kind of reminds me a preamble to Eve Online, but this game is not about mining. LawnGnome 0 point. You should press Enter after you type each command. LawnGnome 3 points. Very rich Easter egg content.

Love the smuggling and missions fighting the rouge factions. No matter the age, the immersive setting of this game is unmatched. Araconus 1 point.

Freelancer is one of my all time favorite games. I have played the original version from beginning to end many times varying how I played the free build up time and how I played the after game. Some of the mods have been great for changing even the campaign making it more challenging and spicing it up with different ships. After all these years, I still keep coming back to play the campaign about once a year.

I hope I can get it to run on my latest platform. Pogrom 4 points. Downloaded, followed Read Me instructions to install no cd exe and patches. Working as intended with Windows 10 OS. Pure nostalgia. Amazing game for it time. Had a hiccup with first mission where I lost mouse and keyboard control, but restarted game and all is well. Jefferson 2 points.

Thanks for this upload , it works perfect!! The hardest part was installing deamon tools lite , that took over 1.

But now i play one of the finest games with much joy.


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