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How to Fix Reddit Search Not Working – MajorGeeks


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Is Reddit Search Not Working? Here Is What You Should Do!

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Try these 6 reliable solutions to fix Windows Search problem. Before start troubleshooting, you should make sure the issue is not related to the Reddit backend. You can browse the forum and check if some other persons have the same issue. Also, you can go to the official Reddit page to check its status.

If there is a yellow bar, this means the back-end servers go wrong. You cannot do anything else but wait. In a web browser, you may enable ad blockers that can be used to delete all the ads you see on the computer to improve the browsing experience. You can give them to have a try. On the other hand, if you have any better solutions to fix the Windows Search problem, please share them in the comment zone.

Download Shadowmaker. Summary : Is Cortana not working in Windows 10? Note: before you start, making a backup of your important files is necessary since this can guarantee the security of the data and files. Thus, we recommend that you use MiniTool ShadowMaker to back up all your important files so as to avoid data loss during the fixing process. End Cortana process. Restart the Search service. Rebuild the Index.

Run System File Checker. Run Search and Index troubleshooter. Run DISM tool. Note: To fix the Windows 10 Search not working problem, you can try to restart your computer before you go on to the following steps. Read More. How do I fix my Windows button is not working? Try the keyboard on another computer. Adjust Registry. Update keyboard drivers. Sometimes, the Cortana fails to work due to the issues of the user account, or the corrupted system files on the computer.

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If Windows 10 Search is Broken, Here’s How to Fix It.[FIXED] Windows Search Not Working | 6 Reliable Solutions


Are you troubled by the issue Windows Search not working? Try these 6 reliable solutions to fix Windows Search problem.

Before start troubleshooting, you should make sure the issue is not related to the Reddit backend. You can browse the forum and check if some other persons have the same issue.

Also, you can go to the official Reddit page to check its status. If there is a yellow bar, this means the back-end servers go wrong.

You cannot do anything else but wait. In a web browser, you may enable ad blockers that can be used to delete all the ads you see on the computer to improve the browsing experience. The blockers have a built-in mechanism used to intercept all the traffic and pass on the filtered version ads have been removed.

Type services. Step 2. Find the “Windows Search” service and right-click on it to choose “Properties”. Step 3. Under status, check the start option has been enabled. You can try to end and restart the SearchUI process to fix Windows 10 searching not working issue. Note that after ending the search task, it will automatically restart the next time that you search. Scroll down in the Name column, locate and right-click “SearchUI.

If the search bar not working is resulted from memory and disk-cache issues, a simple reboot of your computer can be useful. If there is a glitch on your computer, reboots often work wonders. If search or device restart doesn’t work, we suggest you rebuild the search index. Click the “Advanced” button and select “Rebuild”. Then, the system will begin the process of deleting and then rebuilding the search index.

If search index rebuilding still can’t solve the search not working issue on Windows 10, you can apply the built-in troubleshooter to diagnose and fix the most common issues.

On the left panel, select “Troubleshoot”. Scroll down to find “Search and Indexing”, then click “Run troubleshooter”. The troubleshooter will ask you to choose a problem you’re having. Select your problems and click “Next” to check the issue.

Corrupted or damaged system files on Windows 10 may be the contributing factor of search not working. Wait for the process to complete. Then, restart your computer and check if the search bar works correctly. Some Windows updates may cause problems with Windows 10 search. Microsoft will then release more updates to fix the Windows 10 search issues that have already occurred.

So, you can update Windows to see if you can fix the Windows 10 search not working problem. If there a new Windows update, click “Install Now” and follow the instructions to upgrade to the latest Windows 10 version.

In this way, Windows 10 will work better, and there will be fewer problems. EaseUS Partition Master , one of the most popular disk partitioning tools globally, allows you to transfer Windows 10 and the boot partition from one hard drive to another with simple clicks. Then, you can complete an in-place upgrade easily and safely.

Free download this partition manager and take the following steps to migrate OS to SSD without data loss. Note: The operation of migrating OS to SSD or HDD will delete and remove existing partitions and data on your target disk when there is not enough unallocated space on the target disk.

Step 5: When you have successfully chosen the backup source and destination you can click Back up Now to perform the backup task immediately or you can choose to delay the backup task by clicking Back up Later. When you have successfully created the backup image it is time to go forward to the solutions to Windows 10 Search not working.

MiniTool ShadowMaker helps me to back up all my important files so as to keep my data safe. And it is very easy to operate. Click to tweet. Here, the first method to solve the problem Windows 10 Search bar not working is to end the Cortana process. We will show you how to solve the Cortana not working issue step by step. Step 1: Right-click the taskbar at the bottom of your computer desktop and choose Task Manager to continue. After that you can restart your computer to check whether the issue type here to search not working is solved.

Here, we will introduce the second method to solve the issue Windows 10 searching not working. This method is mainly to restart the search service. You can go on based on the following instructions to solve the Windows Search not working problem. Step 1: Press the Windows key and R key together to open the Run dialog. Type services. Step 2: In the Services window find Windows Search and right-click it, choose Restart from the context menu to continue.

When the process is finished you can restart your computer to check whether the issue Windows 10 Search bar not working is solved. Now, we will introduce the third method to solve the problem Search not working in Windows Step 1: Press the Windows key and R key together to open Run dialog.

Step 4: Next, you need to click the Rebuild button under Troubleshooting to go on. Step 5: You will receive a message which tells that the process of rebuilding the index will take a long time.

You should click OK to continue. When the rebuild index process is finished you can reboot your computer to check whether the issue Windows 10 Search bar not working is solved. If there are corrupted system files on your computer, you may encounter the error Cortana Search not working. Thus, we will introduce the fourth method to solve the issue Windows 10 Search bar not working. For more detailed instructions you can continue your reading.

Step 2: In the popup window click File and choose Run new task. Step 3: Type cmd in the box and make sure that the Create this task with administrative privileges option is checked and then click OK to continue. Step 5: The scanning process will begin and it may take a few minutes.

When the scanning process is completed you can restart your computer to check whether the issue Windows 10 Search not working is solved. In this part, we will introduce the fifth method to fix the issue Windows Search not working, which is mainly to run the Search and Index Troubleshooter.

Proceed with the following instructions. Step 5: In the popup window click Next to continue and the Troubleshooter will run. Step 6: Next, you need to check the problems you have encountered and click Next to go on. Step 7: Then, Troubleshooter will detect the problems and try to fix them.


‎Apollo for Reddit on the App Store – Reddit Search Not Working


Here are some of them. You may find one that’s right for They insist that the radiation was safe for humans and that it would have taken a thousand times the natural leak to cause serious damage.

Yet, scientists are saying that Wang “William” Liqiang is currently hiding in a secret location in Sydney, seeking political asylum. But the question is, what is he hiding out in Windows 10 search bar not working reddit information Home Windows 10 search bar not working reddit information Those responsible for production or preparation of information on behalf of Windows 10 search bar not working reddit information or for the performance information that produces sensitive or required security.

Only beginners can change sensitive or security classification to its data. The more valuable, important or sensitive the official information, the greater the level of business impact that would result from its compromise. The tool assists in the consistent classification of information and the assessment of impacts on government business. Windows 10 Search bar not working. Category: infomation Show Detail. The Windows 10 search bar is broken, because of course it is In the forum, you can find information regarding almost anything.

Although it is popular, you may encounter a common issue — you cannot use Reddit to search for threads of all topics. Why is Reddit not working while searching? Luckily, you can fix the issue by following these solutions below. Are you troubled by the issue Windows Search not working? Try these 6 reliable solutions to fix Windows Search problem. Before start troubleshooting, you should make sure the issue is not related to the Reddit backend.

If you encounter File Explorer search not responding, the first thing you can do is restarting your File Explorer. In the pop-up windows, find and select Windows Explorer process, and click Restart button. Besides, some users have fixed the issue by restart the Windows process SearchUI.

Just go to Details tab in Task Manager , right-click the process and click End task. Then, this process will be restarted automatically. The problem might appear if the Windows Search service is disabled. Step 2 : Input services. Step 3 : Locate Windows Search service in the Name column. Double-click the service to open its Properties window. Step 4 : Make sure the Startup type is Automatic. If not, choose Automatic from the drop-down menu. The Service status should be Running. Otherwise, click Start button to run the service.

Step 5 : Click Apply and OK to save the changes. If you cannot find your files or folders by searching in File Explorer, perhaps the search options are not set properly. Just follow the steps below to make changes for it. Step 4 : In the Folder Options window, switch to Search tab and check Always search file names and contents option. Then, restart your computer to take effect the changes.

This method works for most of the uses who are facing the problem. But it fails to fix the issue for you, try the next solution. If this is applicable to your case, you can try changing the setting to fix the issue. Then, right-click the involved drive under Devices and drives section and choose Properties. When you get the following interface, make sure the option Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties is check, and click Apply and OK to save the change.

According to the reports of some users, they have fixed File Explorer search not working by rebuilding search index. So, you can have a try. Step 1 : Open Control Panel and choose to view by Small icons. Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. Name the new value BingSearchEnabled. Double-click the new BingSearchEnabled value to open its properties dialog.

Click OK to continue. Double-click this value to open its properties dialog. You can close the Registry Editor now. If you search your start menu, you should now see only local results. I hope this information helps! In reply to Sumit Independent Advisor ‘s post on February 5, Thank you for such a quick reply, and I’m somewhat glad to see I’m not the only person being affected by this.

I’ll submit the feedback right away. I have the exact same issue and more. Quite a few processes are suspended for no reason.


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