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Finding the right photo in a collection of hundreds or thousands is fast with powerful Metadata tools. Add your own searchable keywords, ratings, tags and labels. Or search by camera-written data like date, camera type, settings, aperture and more.

Unlike other workflow tools, AfterShot Pro 2 does not force you to import your images into a catalog just to work with them. Easily access your photos in existing folders, on a network or on a memory card. If you wish, try catalogs to take advantage of powerful digital asset management tools to organize your collection as it grows. Quickly create a web gallery to share your images online with friends, colleagues or clients. Choose from various gallery styles to control how your photos are displayed.

Take advantage of presets or custom settings, and easily set up batches for Web, print, galleries or easy backup. Get more processing power, remove memory limitations and work with much larger images, including files of up to Megapixels in size and TIFF format files larger than 30 MB with AfterShot Pro’s bit architecture. Access more memory, and get more stability and responsiveness app-wide.

Depending on the graphics card and your computer system, the results can be dramatic. Give it try to see what OpenCL can do for you.

Download PDF. Unlike Lightroom, AfterShot Pro doesn’t force you to import your images into a catalog. Easily access photos in your existing folders, including on a network or on a memory card. When culling images in Lightroom, you have to import all of them off your camera or SD card first. Quickly cull and rate all of your photos before importing with AfterShot Pro 3.

AfterShot Pro 3 has a smaller installed footprint than Lightroom, making it perfect to run on a computer with less memory, like a Notebook, for editing on the go. Later, export to Photoshop for editing on a full desktop setup.

Benchmark Performance Test. Download Comparison. Download Trial. Adobe Lightroom pricing current as at April and is subject to change. Pricing obtained from the Adobe Lightroom cart.

New to AfterShot Pro? This in-depth introductory video is perfect for anyone just getting started. Learn new skills and be inspired by Corel’s Discovery Center. Find photography tips, tricks and tutorials. Check out our official blog to stay informed about the photo software you love. You’ll find timely how-to articles, profiles and interviews with community members, development updates and more.

In the pen settings, for example, you can set the tip feel or pressure sensitivity. This is like choosing between a soft 2B pencil, which leaves a lot of graphite on the page, and a harder 2H pencil, which leaves lighter, cleaner lines and requires more force to make a mark.

On other tablets, you can often program pen sensitivity but not the more subtle tip feel. In a February blog post, software engineer Robert Heaton raised privacy concerns over the fact that Wacom collects a lot of data from your usage—including which applications you use—with its software. The Intuos has four tablet keys, fewer than other tablets in this price range, which have as many as If you rely on such buttons frequently for keyboard shortcuts, this positioning might be an issue, but we think most beginners are likely to use the pen more than the tablet keys.

The One by Wacom has many of the same advantages of the Wacom Intuos, and we struggled to decide whether to name the Intuos or the One as our top pick. The One was the easiest to set up of the tablets we tested, and it was fully functional immediately.

Like the Intuos, the One is a small tablet compared with some of the competition, and it has a dot grid printed on the surface. Both Wacom drawing tablets have the same paper-like texture. The two Wacom pens also have the same two programmable buttons, other easy-to-use customizable adjustments, and replaceable nibs. Wacom covers the One with a product and software warranty for two years. The Veikk A15 Pro started drawing immediately and was a pleasure to use out of the box.

We initially liked it as a medium-size tablet pick. But a few rounds into testing, we had some trouble redownloading the driver, and the instructions and documentation were confusing and incomplete. Another large tablet, the Artisul MPro , also provides 8, levels of sensitivity. We reached out to customer support, and representatives responded about four days later, but their advice was not helpful, and we were unable to resolve the issue.

The Parblo A Plus V2 offers roughly the same size and sensitivity as the Veikk tablet does, but the Veikk was slightly simpler and faster to set up.

We also researched several other graphics tablets, including more recent models by Gaoman, Huion, Turcom, and Ugee, but we dismissed them due to middling or poor reviews, worse features, or limitations such as requiring an AAA battery for the pen. The two terms are often used interchangeably to refer to any tablet that you can draw on with a stylus but has to be connected to a computer.

Drawing tablets are generally plain plastic pads that sense the location and pressure of a stylus pressing down with extreme accuracy, and transmit the input via USB or Bluetooth to a connected computer. Some drawing tablets do the same thing, but with a screen instead of a plastic pad. If you have an iPad, the easiest way to draw with it is to buy a stylus and a digital art app like Adobe Illustrator.

Dami Lee, cartoonist and author , email interview, January 28, Victoria Ying, artist and illustrator , email interviews, June 8, , and January 19, Carolyn Dickey, print designer , email interview, June 21, Ellen Airhart is an associate writer at Wirecutter, where she covers cleaning and emergency preparedness.

Please email her with your biggest messes and most anxious thoughts. If you want a tablet, you should probably buy an iPad.

If quarantine has hastened your handing a smartphone or tablet to your child for the first time, here are a few tools that can help the transition go smoothly. Our pick. BMP files, in addition to the native. SAI format. Users may use another program for more complex editing, but when the image is brought back to SAI, its properties may be changed. SAI also includes linework layers, which can be used instead of manually drawing linework.

The linework layer include different tools designed specifically for creating lineart, such as the Line, Curve, Edit, Pressure, and Weight tool. Various settings and features can be accessed and edited by the user either from the built-in Options dialog, or using the provided misc. Existing brush presets can be edited, and the user has the choice of adding custom ones by placing bitmap files into the “elemap” folder.

New canvas presets, as well as custom brush textures may be added by the user, in the form of grayscale bitmaps. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Image editor and digital painting software. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Top reasons to upgrade from Painter NEW! Fluid Paint NEW! Fluid Papers NEW! Selection panel NEW! Color Selection brushes NEW! Overlay presets Download Free Trial.



– KB Corel: Painter: Install Center Videos Older Versions

Download Corel Painter is the ultimate digital art studio for anyone ready to expand their definition of creativity. Share your artwork! This video tutorial also covers the effects menu, selection techniques, working with text, and dynamic layers. CSiBridge Join experts from around the world as they talk about how they use Painter and share their best tips and techniques for using this unique paint program. Finally Explore workflow layouts like illustration, fine art, concept, manga and photo art with specialized tools for each style. Enable Color Selection for any Selection brush and select specific areas on your canvas based on a color.


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